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Glowlight tetra - what is this?

Karen B.

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I bought 13 glowing tetra 2 days ago at my lfs. They seemed ok, all of them but one are schooling and swimming around, exploring. But one is always down by the sponge filter.

I treated them with the quarantine med trio right at the start. Today I noticed one of the fish has 2 white patches on each side of its head, but they do not seem joined at the top. I also have a hard time seeing if it’s fuzzy or not.

Should I put him in a separate tank? Or, as it is my quarantine tank and they just started, should I go with the full treatment in case it may be contagious? I have paraclease, maracyn, ich-x, expel-p and few other meds.



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It could have swim into something in the tank causing an injury or you can These type of patches with columnaris that a gram negative bacterial infection that spreads more quickly at higher temperatures and can kill any were from 24hr to a couple of days depending on the stain what I would do is quarantine this fish on his own just in case it's columnaris and treat him with kanaplex and Jungle fungus clear fizz tab's containing nitrofurazone following this treatment plan I would just monitor the other fish for any patches on the body or white patches on the mouth if you start to see more fish with these symptoms than I would treat all of them with the treatment plan I recommended straight away @Karen B.


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