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Mystery fish


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About two weeks ago, I found out one of my platys gave birth. Naturally I only saved one baby before the natural cannibalism. Tossed him into a breeder for protective custody.  After a few days, he was looking pretty confined and lonely so I put him into my bathroom 6gal tank that only houses Gary, a blue mystery snail.  

Last night I was checking on him and feeding him, and I discovered a new fish. I really don't know where he came from since that's an isolation tank. It's too small to tell what he is, but he's active, an eater, and swims hard into the bubble stream.

Time will eventually reveal what he is, but as usual, every new baby is exciting.  

By the way, that platy tank does have 5 fry that are bravely swimming unmolested with its parents.

Happy days in the hobby

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