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AIO (all in one) aquariums, anybody have experience?


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I've been checking out the Instagram account "lisaaquarium" and she's a big fan of these, esp the Waterbox ones. Was wondering if anybody here has owned one and what they found the pros and cons to be. 

I like the concept, but a couple cons for me might be:

  1. The inflow for the filter is at the top. I suppose it has to be with this sort of design, but in my tanks I get better results when the intake is more mid to bottom of the tank. 
  2. Lidless. I would love to have a lidless tank, but with the dry, cold winters here I need the heat and water kept IN the tank and my cat OUT of the tank. I know there are lid companies that can make one, but they can be pricey, and the tank is already pricey. 
  3. If you don't like the filter - too bad.

Pros for me:

  1. I like the look, a complete departure from my Aqueon rimmed tanks.
  2. The filter setup wouldn't add any more height to the tank, unlike a HOB or even canister hoses. 

Anyways, just wondering. 

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I for one, really like all in one aquariums. What I like most about them is how the filter is seamlessly built into it. I also like hot rodding the filter so that it works better. I like putting plant cuttings in the back filter compartment. The tops of the plants hang out the top and, at least to me, look great. That whole back area can fill with roots. I always remove the pump that they come with and put in an air lift tube. I like to do this Because it's not going to clog or get jammed by roots like a pump will. Also (just a gut feeling), I think less electricity is being used for a single air pump that can run air to multiple things. I like that they come with built in lights too. 

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I have a fluval chi aquarium that is an all in one.

It is 20 litres and cycles really quickly.

Their filter module can't really be changed it only has space for one sponge. The light could be better and it's semi lidded which is than ideal 

I love this nano tank as it needs water changes less often than my bigger tanks so isn't the labour drain of most nano tanks I assume this is due to the waterfall feature of the filter module that increases the service area of the bio filtration far in excess of the sponge 

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