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nutrient deficiency with my Java fern?

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hello people just trying to get some information calling all plant nerds like myself. there are a few different species of Java fern in this tank (40breeder) and I noticed a few of them had some dark green tips not really translucent maybe a little. which deficiency do you believe this is and what would be your recommendations to fixing it? there is only one oranda goldfish in here the tank does have CO2 injection about one bubble per second(trying to keep it real low). I dose easy green about once or twice a week 3 pumps each time along with seachem potassium. I tried to include the water parameters. Let me know if you need any more info.







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I get that too on some of my Java ferns. I have them in every one of my tanks and only a couple tanks get this. I'm not sure why either. I always just kinda assumed it was nutrient deficiency but I haven't been able to definitively pin point what's different between the tanks that have that and the tanks that don't. The only observation I can make is the ferns that don't get that appear to be immature plants, thinner and more plentiful leaves... while the ones that get the clear tips are more mature plants with broader leaves. That's all I got lol 🤷‍♀️  

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