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Two Years In, Finished My First Serious Planted Tank Build. (Hybrid Walstad Tropical)


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Got the chance to replace the Tucano Tetras that died in the first ich battle a year and a half ago. The build is finally done. I will top off water, and change aquarium media, scrape glass, fertilize, and all that on a monthly basis. I haven't done water changes in a year.

20 Gallon Tall, Low Tech, Fluval Planted Plus Light. 10 Ember Tetra (mid), 10 Ruby Tetra (low), 10 Tucano Tetra (high), Ozzie the Betta and 5 Boisterous Endler Boys Showpiece. Breeding colony of otos and 4 amano Cleanup Crew. No snails, deep bed, fully planted.


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