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Old Filament Barb still kicking


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I noticed the other day that my oldest filament barb had popeye. I separated him and put him in quarantine and he started doing better fairly quickly. I went out to my shed the other day (that’s where the quantity tank is) and found him flopping in the floor, almost completely dry and covered in saw dust. His eye that had been sticking out was badly damaged from the fall (about 4.5 ft) and flopping on it I guess. Any recommendations for treatment? That was 3 days ago and he looks pretty good again except for that eye.





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I would add some aquarium salt 1 table for 3 gallons that will help reduce any possible fluid buildup and I would do a course of maracyn2 active ingredient minocycline has anti-inflammatory properties in food to help reduce the swelling IMG_20220714_201455.jpg.b4115cb71f6c0d06a8f89237b7d24757.jpg

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