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Betta Illness

Denied Taco

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Hi everyone, my betta Velma seems to have some issues. She is missing part of her fin (assuming fin rot) and has this white patch on her scales. B50E9773-89B0-439B-B883-7579E157F750.jpeg.5ab095c300b4e18794a4552d684b6469.jpegNot fuzzy and I don’t think it’s ich. She swims around normally and frequently but isn’t eating near as much as she used to. Maybe 2 betta pellets a day, before was 5. I’ve put an Indian almond leaf in her tank which had seemed to stop the issue from progressing. But her eating concerns me because of how much I know she loves food. I’ve tried freeze dried bloodworms as well, and nothing. I took her water sample to get tested they said Nitrites were high, everything else was good. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact numbers. There are two snails in her tank, it’s a 5 gallon. 80° F with heater and filter. 20% water changes and vacuum done weekly. This photo is for comparison of her bottom fins 590D1A04-78A1-422C-BD84-AD4B8240E91D.jpeg.017ba6508cffa7fdc1ae9f10ad1ab3fe.jpeg

This last photo shows her white “patch”


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High levels of nitrite can cause appetite suppression and will eventually kill your fish  what I would do is get some 5-1 test  strips and test daily and do daily 50%  water changes and add a double dose of prime to help detoxify any nitrites till they constantly stay at zero and I would add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table for 5 gallons that will help prevent mathemoglobin toxicity by blocking nitrite adsorption though the Gills of your fish with out getting your nitrites under control your not going to see any improvement in your Betta @Denied Taco

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