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anubius in a pot or not?


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here's a shot of how i keep anubius in my breeding tanks, some in empty pot and some just floating. it seems like the roots in the pot (which has no soil in it) form a refuge for the babies a bit more than the freefloating one. what do you all think is the better method? cheers



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Honestly I think that's a really great idea! I like to play with different ways to use anubias. I glued one to a rock and put it on top of the dirt in a pot so the roots grow down but the rhizone isn't buried. I also have glued them to tall sticks about halfway up and let the roots grow down making for quite a reverse plant display. I've done a similar thing with using suction cups to attach them high on a back wall (cause it's hard to break up the back of a 20 tall with plants) and let it do the same thing. Gives the illusion of taller plants and it looks neat. 

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On 10/19/2022 at 5:23 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

Interesting! I have a 4 gallon with anubias nana species, looootttssss of duckweed. However in that particular tank I'm not interested in getting rid of it. I found aggitation though does kill the duckweed. 

Note to self: Add a cake mixer to every tank.  I am so tired of duckweed.

I glue my anubias to rocks or wood. But the big one in my 20g broke free from the rock after about a year and now floats about an inch above the stone with roots heading down to the substrate and among all those roots is where shrimp are often hanging out. I wish it hadn't popped off the stone because now the glue is visible on the stone, but I'm not bothered enough to reach all the way in there and turn the stone over, lol. How lazy can a person be? VERY.


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