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Organic matter

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Hey all, can anyone briefly discuss how decaying organic matter from dying/ melting plants impacts water quality negatively if that is in fact the case? I set up “swamp tank” basically put a bunch of plants I was holding and weren’t being cared for properly into a tank. Most were in very bad shape, some have died, some are dying, some are melting, some covered in BBA, some seem to have bounced back and started thriving. With that being said the tank is cycled but I’ve never put a fish in it yet bc I’m not completely sure of the impact of the organic matter on the water quality. Was hoping for some clarification… thanks 


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I have found that having house plants hanging out of the top of tanks like what you're planning, mediate many of the negatives that have been listed here so far. Every aquarium I've had that has houseplants rooted in it, has eventually required me to add dry ferts. Most of the metabolites generated from decomposition  are utilized effectively by terrestrial plants. Any that aren't, are handled by the various microorganisms present in organic mulm. Granted, I let the plants get huge. Also some are bigger nutrient hogs than others. IMO, there are few if any non-cosmetic draw backs to organic matter in an aquarium...

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