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My 75 gal experience

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18-20 Honey gouramis, I have two wild type mixed in. 

5 Apistogramma Cacatodies. 1 male 4 females. A trio from Tolstoy. 


4 guppies two males two females. I believe three black moscows and 1 albino koi female. Adding more females for a proper balance. 

1 common oto, he’s getting friends soon. 

9 Odessa barbs thanks to @tolstoy21 

A pair of of apistogramma Agassizii super fire red also thanks to Tolstoy. 

3 L134 Leopard Frog plecos.

14? sterbai Cory’s 

A bunch of caves in this tank both natural and not, picking up more from the co op. Seeing how this goes with the apistos. 

A number of shrimp in here as well from Blue jelly’s, crystal reds, a bamboo is somewhere, and a pair of amanos.

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On 10/12/2022 at 5:59 PM, NotDaleGribble said:

How did you know my other alias.


Obviously works for the CIA. 

I’ll better edit my stocking list in the coming days. It’s going to change a bit. I’ll also try to add better pictures as well as give updates of progress. 


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