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Bacopa caroliniana , no substrate how to fix the plant


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Those are water column feeders, so substrate isn’t necessary as long as you’re using fertilizer.  By the way, sand is substrate, just not a “planted tank” substrate.  I have heavy clay dirt under sand in most of my tanks and most of my plants do quite well with Easy Green and root tabs.  I also have a tank where I did that plus added large pebbles to the pots to prevent my big Jack Dempseys from uprooting everything.  It only has “tough” plants in that tank, of course.

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On 10/11/2022 at 12:19 PM, DudePT said:

i have afraid that will take loose, can i get some tiny dragon rock and attach its okay ?

You could always put a small piece of plant weight at the bottom of the stems.  I’ve also read somebody on here (I can’t remember who) was putting stems through a small glass bead to anchor the plants.

I saved this link at the time since they looked similar to the beads that were shown when that thread was active.  I can’t remember now if they were keeping the stems down with the beads or using them to create bunches only when they sold them to their local fish store.


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