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Plants health n nitrates

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Basic info 

90 gal fx5 10 yr old been moderately planted . Added anubias and micro swards , Java ferns and a few others a month ago 

about 40 small community fish..

 Nutrient levels are good, except for I have high pH… And a low nitrate level..

The 6 Anubis, I received all melted and fird except for three ., Which have t2 leaves and barely hanging on

 two Java ferns turned brown with brown spotting, two Java swords arrived in good condition, but wilted and died within a week… They were replaced, and they also died within a week… I am assuming it’s because of low nitrate levels.. I am dosing 15 pumps of thrive every two weeks.. but nitrate levels seem to remain very very low…

other root absorbing nutrients plants seem to be doing OK

any help I appreciate it


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I have a planted aquarium that is thriving, and every time I test my water, nitrate levels are very low, but the plants don't seen to mind. I have some java fern and and anubias as well. The only thing I do is add easy green into my tank twice a week. I would recommend that you should look into getting some easy green if you haven't! It absolutely changed my tank. 

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That a lot of plant die off. Where did you get the plants? I’d be inclined to contact them, you might get some replacements. 

Your Nitrate does look low. Are you following the instructions on the test exactly? The nitrate test has specific requirements including shaking the bottles and the timing of the test. 

Here is the dosing instructions for Thrive. Since pumps can be inaccurate I would try measuring 36ml, that should give you ~12ppm in your 90 gallon. That should definitely register on your API test. A3A8C841-BDB1-43F8-9BA6-9269E68F54BD.jpeg.97ae561134655e414edb06246484d1bf.jpeg



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