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first API water test. 0.25ppm Ammonia, 0.25 ppm nitrite, 0ppm nitrate, pH 7.4 Changed water 36 hours ago, now what


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I changed the water in the tank, 60% night before last. I took out as many guppies as I could catch and added Complete and Staibily because the test strip was a very light pink, not close to the pink for 1 nitrite.

Today I tested it and ithe strip said 1 ppm nitrite. so I used my new API water test kit with liquid chemicals. The ammonia was 0.25, the nitrite was 0.25 and the nitrate was 0 . I forgot to add is pH 7.4

The fish look fine. I fed lightly yesterday and nothing today. I am leaning against another water change today because I think all these water changes are not helping the tank cycle. 

Yesterday, the filter media was clogged, so I squeezed it out in some tank water and put it behind the uptake pie and put new media in the filter. to keep the water flowing well.

Fritz turbo 700 is arriving 10/12 or 10/13, today is 10/10.

Do you think a water change now will be helpful? Should I test this evening and see if the ammonia and nitrite are dropping?  This tank was doing well until I over cleaned it a while back and it went cloudy. It hasn't gone cloudy since, but the nitrites keep popping up. Not every day, but maybe every 3 or 4 days. It has been overstocked, but after taking the guppies out, I thought it would last another day. I no longer vacuum the gravel, just run the edge of the siphon over it. The plants are spreading which makes vacuuming harder.

To change or not to change, anf if to change, what percentage?



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I think the beneficial bacteria grow on the surfaces and not in the water so it’s ok to change the water to make it safe for the fish. A completed cycle might happen slower with less Ammonia in the water, but it’ll still happen. I’d keep the water as safe as possible and give the cycle time. 

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2 tanks changed at about 60%. I have started siphoning the "used water" back into the water jugs labeled fish tank water" for friends to use on plants.

I think this could be a big win for fish stores. They could price the jugs of "used fish water" to cover the jugs, labor and some shelf space. It would draw a whole new slice of nature loving plant folks into the store. They could get hooked on water gardens in every room, groomed by shrimp or snails or fish. All that humidity in the winter, and poach/balcony ponds in the summer. Solar fountains or floating waterfalls would keep the mosquitoes away. (mosquitoes don't like moving water for laying eggs.)

I bet fish stores conserve water in ways that would make their "used fish water" much more concentrated and really make plants grow. Good for the environment too.


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