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Help!! Bacterial or fungal?


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I can't tell if this is bacteria or fungal on my sailfin mollies. The yellow one has a patch on her tail fin and the black one has patches on the side of his face. It doesn't look like ich and it doesn't look fuzzy. 

Pictures aren't the greatest and you have to look through the hard water spots on the tank glass. 

Tank stats- 20g long, temp- 81°F (thought it was ich, so I was raising the temp), ammonia- 0ppm, nitrites- 0ppm, nitrates- 10ppm.

Yellow molly just gave birth a couple days ago. Both fish are very active.


Is it bacterial or fungal? 

How do I treat it?





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I doubt it’s a fungal infection. Fungal is usually more of a white fuzzy cottony looking substance where bacterial infections don’t have that. 

I’m not sure if this would play a role in whatever this is but because these livebearers like such hard water may I ask what your KH and GH look like? 

Are they showing signs of stress? Acting  abnormally at all? Heavy breathing, lingering at the bottom of the tank or surface of the water? I’m unsure of what this could be so far.

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It doesnt look fuzzy at all.

No signs of stress. Both are very active. Yellow molly actually just gave birth unexpectedly a couple days ago and is much more active now. Both are eating well. No other fish seem to be affected yet. 

I live in a rural area, so I have well water and it is very hard. Not sure what the exact level is. 

What would I treat this with?


I can't get (original) maracyn anywhere near me.

I do also have some very tiny molly fry and 1 scaleless fish in this tank. 

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I’m gonna give a shout-out to @Colu for this one. He’s really knowledgeable in areas of disease and such and could most definitely provide an accurate med recommendation for your little guys given the circumstances of your new fry and scaleless fish. 

I would also recommend quarantining the infected fish if you have a tub available just to rule out any chance of it spreading if it’s anything serious. Also because they seem to be doing fine I would say their most likely gonna be ok! 🙂

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