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Visiting Aquarium Co-op and a forum friend


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Sunday I needed to do some errands north of Seattle, a perfect opportunity to pay a visit to the Co-op and check out @Beardedbillygoat1975’s new house and fish room.  

At the Co-op I couldn’t resist getting the new co2 regulator. I’ll make another thread with set up pics and a review. 

@Beardedbillygoat1975 gave me a tour of his tanks. He has a really nice extension to his garage that’s perfect for a fish room. I snuck a pic of his new Rainbowfish. It was fun to talk fish, Subarus and The Grateful Dead. He hooked me up with some plants, macro algae and this crazy cool piece of central Oregon Manzanita wood. Thanks @Beardedbillygoat197553186E10-9E2F-4AF9-B5E4-4C2135F1EB36.jpeg.6d13ca42ed67a8f7cfd5624e28574edb.jpeg

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