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The reclamation and resuscitation of the snail habitats


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I started both of these a while ago, but due to life happening, I ended up leaving them at a former residence unattended for longer than I would have liked. Water levels were pretty low when I recovered them. The java fern and hornwort died, but the anubius all hung on great, and there's a big wild clump of moss now. And the best news, and least two of the pink ramshorns in the bowl made it, and a handful of bladder snails in the jar did as well. Hopefully with regular care they will thrive. 

Both bowl and jar need some more cleanup and water top up,  but I'm happy to have them again.






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An update on the bowl. Some slight redecorating. Also added an airline with a valve coming from a T-connector from the 29 gallon airline, so I can get just a trickle.

But also, added maybe a dozen cherry shrimp, and managed to get two white cloud minnow fry in. They are quite tiny still, but happy to have them in a safe space. Will update as they (hopefully) grow.



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