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Vitamin C


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Are there any benifits to adding Vitamin C to an aquarium?.

I got pondering because I've been reading that fish can get deficient in this Vitamin which can impact their immune system

Given that Vitamin C is water soluble,  its impossible to over dose a human with it as it's just naturally flushed from our system if our bodies dont need it.  I thought fish may operate in a similar fashion.  

As far as Vitamin C ..a crushed tablet , dissolved in water and just added to the Aquarium at a water change. 

Sorry if it's been touched on before, this is me thinking out loud. 

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I used to soak freeze dried food in boyd vita chem to help prevent and treat hole in the head (most Oscars have a vitamin C deficiency) it can be added to the water directly am not sure about human vitamins though 

the biggest thing is if my memory is correct vitamin C breakdown fast in water. 

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