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can it be saved?

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Hey everyone, I’ve been having a lot of issues with my dojo loach tank for months so I decided to redo it. So far the redo (I’m not in love with it) is nice but in doing it I used elements I had available when it came to plants which just so happened to be plants covered in BBA. 3 swords and 3 bolbitis. I’ve been treating the tank with some flourish excel but the bolbitis are completely engulfed. Is it time to just throw them out or can they be saved? Funny side note, I potted the swords so the loaches would stop uprooting them. I just 5 min ago watched the loaches digging not the substrate, but literally digging the sand holding the plant in the pot out of the pot lol


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You can use Reverse Respiration. It will be easy since you just redid the tank. That will clear the bba on the plants and if there is hope for them RR will give them their best chance at survival. If you use RR please post some before and after photos in the RR thread. 


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