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Baby Rabbit Snails or Mylasian Trumpets?


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I bought two rabbit snails back around Christmas '21.  Have seen zero babies or egg sacks.  Three weeks ago, I picked a couple more up figuring we have two of the same sex.  Haven't seen any eggs, but tonight we got home later than normal and I flipped the light on and saw about 12 of these in a couple different sizes.  Me and the kids were excited thinking they were baby rabbit snails, but I got to thinking the time doesn't add up as I kmow rabbit snails breed slowly. 


So are these mylasian trumpets? Pick of one of the adult rabbits attached.  I have added no new plants for probably six months.




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I've not seen/experienced it yet, but I thought they still lay some sort of short term egg when they're ready.  Still, I don't think any of the timeline makes sense for them to be rabbits.  I guess I will know soon enough if they keep growing.  The shells also don't look like the adults who all look the same as the one pictured. 

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Again, I'm no expert at cone shaped snails AT ALL but the pic of the last one actually looks like a faunus ater to me, common name devils spike snail. I believe they breed in brackish water if that is what it is. Idk if I've seen a black rabbit like that but it's possible they exist and I don't know it. That just throws another ID mess into the mix lol. I thought that the first time I read this and dismissed it but it REALLY looks like a faunus ater to me so I had to bring it up. 



If it is indeed a faunus ater and not a rabbit that would practically confirm its MTS since faunus ater breed in brackish. 



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