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Took a 45 minute drive to buy this from someone on Facebook Marketplace. Price was $150 for everything.

  • Top Fin 75 gallon aquarium
  • Glass tops (broken and corroded... threw away and will repurchase)
  • LED light bar
  • (2) Plastic hoods with lights (not sure why... they don't fit the tank and they already had glass lids)
  • (2) Top Fin Silent Stream Power Filter (look to be in OK condition but not 100% sure if I plan to use them... I may buy a canister instead)
  • AQQA heater. (stated to be 200w, but I haven't confirmed that yet)
  • Water circulation pump (not sure on brand)

I took it all home and took the hose to them with a magic eraser just to clean them all up. Ultimately, they are going to sit in my garage for a bit while I figure out (build) the stand for it.

How do you clean tanks and supplies when getting them second hand?

I am (you know, until I change my mind, of course) planning on an African Cichlid tank... White sand substrate, faux stone background, stone structures and maybe a few floating plants until they get destroyed by the fish...

I am planning on doing the standard 2x4 stand YouTube-Special, but using a cabinetry plywood to wrap it, stain it, and add a fake stone façade of some sort. to part of it as an accent.





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On 8/27/2022 at 8:19 PM, nabokovfan87 said:

Nice! What is the plan?

That's our secret there is no plan meme - AhSeeit'



  1. Figure out how to clean it thoroughly
  2. Build YouTube-Special 2x4 stand
  3. See if I have the adequate skills to make the stand look like furniture
  4. Funnel money from joint bank account to off-shore account

I would like to incorporate copper or steel pipes, coming up from the back, to hold the light above the tank and I would like (the below) as an accent around the bottom of the stand: https://www.homedepot.com/p/GenStone-Stacked-Stone-Desert-Sunrise-12-in-x-42-in-Faux-Stone-Siding-Panel-G2SSDSHP/309651076

I think I will end up going canister filter as I want to have the LEAST AMOUNT of 'stuff' on the back of the tank as possible. Thinking Lilly Pipes too...

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