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Hello all, I've ways been fascinated by green walls and drip walls. I figured plants would do well in these kinds of environments, given how they are mostly emergent types. This particular tank has been going for about 3 months. My plan is to add some leaf litter and floating plants to the water area. Maybe get some clown killies....


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I actually have three pink flamingo crypts and a bunch of lucens crypts. Yeah, I pretty much winged it. I just bought some black felt from Walmart, cut it to size and silicone it to the back. Power filter with some pex tubing for a spray bar in the back along the top. Thats pretty much it. Once the water is going the plants kinda stick to the felt. I put riccia, java moss, java ferns, and some buce in there. They all had to be small so they wouldn't fall off.

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