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Hello from Southern Indiana


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Hello, I’m an Aquarium Nerm feom Indiana. I’m 60 and have been in the hobby on and off for about 40 years. I love my tanks and keep plecos, Shell dwellers, and community fish. I’m really wanting to start a Cherry Shrimp colony, but it will have to wait. I’m planning to move to Arizona in the spring of 2023. Hope to find a fish club there. Love Aquarium Co-Op and happy to be here. 

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On 7/30/2022 at 5:26 PM, Patrick_G said:

Welcome Kasper!

Thank you

On 7/30/2022 at 4:29 PM, John Henry said:

Welcome to the group @Kasper, a lot of great info here.  My family roots are from Indiana, southeastern area down around Batesville.

@john henry, I know it well. I drive through Batesville in my way to see family. Always seeing the Casket trucks on the roads when were there. 

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