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Hello from Colorado!

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Hello from the western slope of Colorado! 

I can't wait to learn from other fish keepers on this forum.  Although we have had fish tanks for several years now and feel like we have done very well in taking care of our community tanks, I would like to explore some more interesting varieties of fish. 

Looking forward to learning and expanding my knowledge of fish, plants and other interesting topics. 🙂


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On 7/24/2022 at 2:22 PM, mar.n.mags said:

This is picture of our 55g tank.  I need to get pictures of our 75 and 125 tanks. 1812865417_IMG_20220723_114950484_HDR28.jpg.17cb85dfffcbef996f0ca6931376e439.jpg

Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the tank pic. I have a 75 gallon with a huge log in it and I think it really subtracts from the look of a "big tank". I really like the use of smaller items you have here. It all fits together nicely. Is that just an external backdrop? It looks pretty good! 

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