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An Unlikely Ally in Snail Control

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I have a harem of Rhinogobius filamentosus and they have been quite greedy eaters. I have noticed that they suck in snails masticate them for a bit then spit out a hollow husk. They also chew on the shells for awhile after. 


I was not expecting this and even recruited lazy assassin snails who did nothing for me on the snail control front.


Granted they only eat full grown adults but my plants are very thankful for this! Have y’all found unexpected allies in snail control? 


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That's a face it might take a mother to love! Cheeky little guy. I'm stuck with trapping snails and moving them to the pond, and have yet to figure out what to do about the multitudes that will be in there once frost comes and it's time to empty the tub. 

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