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Help! Fin Rot and Red Blotch Disease. Nitrate Problems.


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Hey guys,

I've had a tough week. Despite my addition of the Pothos plant, my nitrates seem to have gone up. Several of my beloved cories, including 3 pygmy cories, 2 habrosus cories, and 2 peppered cories have died to what appears is red blotch disease, likely due to the nitrates. 

Here are my water parameters (Reads top to bottom GH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Chlorine, KH, pH):





Additionally, the albino and green cories (as well as a peppered Cory that already passed) seem to have fin rot.

I've added Melafix in an attempt to heal the supossed fin rot, and I've added a NitraZorb bag to the filter in hopes to lower the nitrates (it isn't working so far).


I have aquarium salt available, and I heard it can treat red blotch disease, but I read it has to be dissolved before putting into a tank with cories. I added it to a cup with some aquarium water overnight but it didn't dissolve. How do I use this so that it is safe for the cories?


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Warm the water to dissolve the salt then let it cool back down.  

Can you test for ammonia? I generally associate that with fin rot as that's what caused it for me.

As it's the corys struggling make sure the water is circulations well and the substrate is well vacuumed. 

I have used Melafix don't know if it helped or not but please dose lightly. 

Getting that water as good as possible is key with fin rot they are going to take time to get better this is like you trying to heal a nasty burn you need to keep it clean so the dead skin can fall away and the new stuff grow without any infections getting in 

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The most effective treatment for red blotch disease is a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment like kanaplex if you don't have that available I would  treat with aquarium salt 1 table for 3 gallons as Cory's are sensitive to salt I would try that level first  and the melafix but melafix is more like a mild antiseptic treatment and won't cure bad cases of fin rot

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