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Growing at 2700K

BF McUmber

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I'm trying to do some research to figure out the risks of lighting a tank with only 2700k lights. I love the way my tank looks, my mixed yellowish substrate pops, my lipstick goby's look decent, I like the color saturation and depth. I just put a standard light on it that focuses on the 6500k, red, and blue lights and really did not like how it changed the look. I know I am going to be sacrificing a bit of growth by not giving the leafing plants the 6500k they want, but what other things would I walking into by only using 2700k bulbs? 
I remember going through he fluval discussion when I got my 3.0 for my big tank and it was more about timing and relative intensities. Now it is definitely deeper than before and am chunking through it slowly. 
Outside the red and 6500k discussion for flowering and leaf growing discussions, I would love any references or knowledge talking about off spectrum lighting.  

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I'm not going to get too in to the weeds on the science of specific spectrums but you can definitely grow plants with 2700k lights. High pressure sodium lights that they use for growing sun-loving plants indoors commercially are around 1900-2000K. The spectrum really matters more for how we see the plants-- cooler color temps help make greens pop and penetrate water better. 

I love the look of warm aquarium lights, it just feels cozy.  I linked Christel Kasselmann's huge tanks below that she has warm color temp lights on.


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