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Quarantine Tank & Meds


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Hello! Welcome to the foum.

I would recommend heading over to this thread so that was you can see all the info over there.

Some fish that come in to your possession might be starving and require food. The recommendation to not feed food, or to feed sparingly, is to ensure the fish are able to pass anything that is in their system.  Sometimes, with something like internal parasites, bacterial issues, you might actually dose the food itself.  Limiting or slowing down on food is a recommendation to basically try to reduce stress on the fish as well.  Fish can be without food for days and weeks depending on conditions without issue.  In the wild they don't eat daily or multiple times a day normally and have to work harder for food.  When you're feeding every few days during meds, this is a good frame of reference so you understand the fish is actually ok not having food / fasting for a day, several, or for a week.

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