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10G Halfmoon stocking ideas


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A buddy of mine gave me this 10 gallon halfmoon tank his family no longer wanted, its been running for about two months now, the plants are growing in and its quite thick with vegetation(will be thinning out the anacharis soon). currently I have a male betta, maybe two dozen cherry shrimp, 5 amanos, several Malaysian trumpet snails, and an uncountable number of pond snails. I'm rehousing the betta soon to a more appropriate tank ( this tank is to tall for him). I would like to add some new fish to it but hoping to try something new to me that would also cohabitate with the inverts. I've done some of the more standard fish (currently or in the past), guppies, neon's, chili rasbora's, cpds, Clown Killi's, etc. Hoping you guys have some stocking ideas for this setup, also I've never had a half cylinder style tank so if you have any tips for this style, would like to here them. thanks!

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