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Update on juvenile danio erythromicron


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Day five. I lost one baby on Monday for unknown reasons, and now have eleven remaining in quarantine. The lost one stayed off to himself when I brought them home and didn't hang with the gang much, so I think he was too stressed out. There was nothing on his body that I could see wrong. They're extremely shy and do not like being watched. I put a pile of java moss in there after the one death. None of them have any physical signs of illness. They love the moss and hide in there. They all appear healthy and are eating - its hard to watch them actually eat bc they dart back and forth and get very active at feeding,20201021_080831.jpg.addcc2ed0017a41b0319fa2561e09cfe.jpg and there are lots of little black dots in the tank afterward! Plus they've grown a bit tho the view into the mini-bow is very distorted. I feed them 4x day and clean up with a turkey baster. Feeding live baby brine shrimp and powdered (by hand) flakes and freeze dried blood worms. Once or twice I've seen them nip at the larger pieces, but they haven't quite got the hang of that yet. 

I got a 10-gal for them because I decided they'd do best in a smaller tank with just some shrimp and snails and lots of plants, in my spare bedroom where it's quiet. I was thinking about getting a shrimp tank anyway. Plus they're so tiny I think I would completely lose them in my 45. I wish I knew how old they are. They appear to be about 3/4 grown lengthwise but need a lot of filling out. 

Caught this one cruising by and he/she didn't see me! Sorry about the cell phone pic quality.

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27 minutes ago, Cory said:

Yeah that's the only thing I don't like about the danio erythromicrons is that they are so shy, they look amazing when they color up though. 

I am looking forward to watching that happen! Note the coop brand sponge filter!

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