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Angelfish fungus and worms


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Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, nitrate 5ppm, ph 6.7

So I've been dealing with fungus and camallaus worms in my angelfish tank. I I itially treated with absolute +wormer brand and it killed off a my rams, some angelfish, a dwarf gourmi and several other fish. I dosed exactly as the Instructions  stated.

I then came onto this board and was talking to someone about the fungus on my angels and he suggested a copper safe for the fungus. I used it but it didn't help my one angel that I think was too far gone. I had already tried a kanaplex salt bath mix for the whole tank but he kept declining. I also performed a 50% water change after it killed so many. 

So I separated the worse angel into a quarantine tank and tried the fungus cure and levimasole and salt and being so far gone he died. I wanted to see if he actually had worms because he was bloated and I had seen worms in his tank mates. So I started by squeezing him and just water came out and he was back to his normal size. So I had to cut him open to check and no worms. So what's causing the bloat? I have a few other fish in the tank that look bloated as well and I'm to leary to use the worming medication as it killed so many fish the first round. 

I did see on another thread how and what to use for dewoeming and screenshot it but I don't want to loose a bunch more fish.  This picture is one of my guys he looks ok but keeps ha ging out at the surface. 


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Sorry to hear about this. I know it is heartbreaking. I had a bunch of endlers a while back that was taken out by a single sick male endler that I ordered from AAG. I didn't quarantine and everything snowballed from there. Looking back I learned a lot from that mistake. Never to use AAG again and to quarantine, quarantine, quarantine. Anyway, when I was losing fish left and right due to a fungus-type disease I was spending a lot of money on medicines that didn't work. It lasted a little over a month and I couldn't shake it. I almost gave up on the hobby until I finally broke down and tried AC’s medicine trio. I followed the directions that AC recommended and now here I am about 5 months later and haven't had a single sickness or death. I even have 4x the amount of endlers now from the ones that survived lol. It may work for you or it may not, but if you have the means and one more shot left, I say consider it. I will recommend the med trio to anyone. It saved my little guys. Here is a link that touches more on it. 



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Thank you very much for sharing this link I'll do it. 

Im thinking i may substitute general cure for their parasitic treatment. I have a bulk jar. Their both parasite treatments and both require turning off the filtration. I have fritz ick x so I just need to order the maracyn. 

I also have kanaplex which treats what the maracyn treats so maybe ill just start that combo today but I'll use their instructions instead of the one on the boxes. 

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