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New betta fish pictures, after I said I wouldn’t get another…

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Hey everyone, just wanted to share my gorgeous new addition to my 33gal long community tank. I had recently lost my king male betta from a loach accident/injury and said I was not getting anymore bettas for the foreseeable future, because (except for my king) they have just been very sickly and sensitive the past couple years and I was really tired of losing them. Well I was in my local Petco the other day picking up furry children supplies, and saw this guy and couldn’t leave without him. He is gorgeous and seems so healthy now that he’s in the tank! I have really high hopes and am hoping he can have a long life. He’s so spunky and just jets around the whole tank. He also flares his fins a lot which is gorgeous. He really doesn’t like my 1 red cherry barb, but the tank is so densely decorated that they can get away from each other easily. He will flare if anyone gets too close, but hasn’t chased or nipped anyone yet. He’s not nearly as chill as my king was (he would literally school with and brush up against all my platies and guppies constantly) which makes me a little sad, but I do so love his energy. I just don’t think this tank is complete without a betta fish. E179F340-3995-42C5-B63D-78EE38757D5E.jpeg.d8d90a9844513d2f1846a6279644d6ab.jpegD266218F-C223-4851-B88B-FF747FDC4E96.jpeg.b82911d2813172645ffb166a5720dfa7.jpeg2C2C269E-2438-4022-A4F7-835B78FE5E52.jpeg.a01c4b03f92155d22a70798a2344e92d.jpeg

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On 6/13/2022 at 2:11 PM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

Congrats Hannah- I totally understand- so hard to walk by them in the big box stores- I have to literally tell myself "don't look, don't look, don't look" as I walk by. Their merchandisers are clever- you can't miss them. I hope this one is a lucky one to last! 

Usually I can look at them at Petco and do pretty okay, unfortunately a lot of them are already sick and look in bad shape anyway. I think I got this guy in a moment of weakness because I was missing having a betta fish in this tank so much. It just completes it. 

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