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Filter sock recommendation?


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If you are looking at cleaning the socks often, the felt socks are amazing at catching gunk but clog faster. If you do not want to change them that often, the mesh ones do a good job. Also, anything in the 150-200ppi range is good. I use 50ppi when I need to do a fast clean after a big feeding, but then change the socks out the same day.

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A sump build discussion?!  😍

I totally agree with @eatyourpeas.  Just to echo here: If you want to change the socks out often - which can strongly aid in nutrient reduction, and thus reduce you need for water changes - the finer socks work well.  The caveat is that to get the nutrient reduction you really need to change them out every 3 days at least to keep the trapped material from releasing N into the water column.  If you are just looking to catch the bulkier material then the mesh can work well, and doesn't require the frequency of sock changes.

In terms of building the sump, I've used multiple methods.  The easiest, and cheapest is likely to be buying an aquarium conversion kit from eBay (checking guidelines to make sure I can post eBay links - yes!).  I've liked these

But there are other options.  I've connected multiple plastic containers with pipes - but that's a longer process and story. 

The other thing I have found, and like is from another eBay vendor - a magnetic sock holder.  These are more expensive, but allow you to change your mind about wanting a sock in the sump, or it's position, etc.  The other down side to the magnetic sock holder is that they stick out a little further and thus tank up more space.  Despite those down sides, I prefer them in certain applications. 

It's all up to what works for you - which is why: Sumps and socks are great! 

Good luck with the build and let us know how it goes!

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