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Betta struggling


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Relatively new fish keeper here. My betta of about 18 months has been becoming listless and developing discoloration that I can't identify. 

Ph 8.1

Nitrate 25

Nitrite and ammonia 0

Gh 75

Kh 120

Temp 78-79

All parameters have been stable, test weekly, water changes sporadic. It's my wife's tank, and she tends to clean it couple times a month with about 50% water change.

Only tank mates are two RCS and two amanos.

Recent history, case of fin rot that got farther along then it should have, treated with 2 rounds of single dose ich-x and maracyn with good result for fin growth. A while later full treatment with maracyn for lethargy and the discoloratons near his tail, lethargy resolved, but discoloration was unchanged. Later 5 days of ich-x with no significant change. Now spots seem to be increasing in size and number, and dark bands have developed behind the gills.


I just feel like I'm missing something. Any idea what might be wrong or other empirical treatment options. Or am I just over-worried about a fish that is getting lazy?


P.S planted tank with a moderate algae overgrowth only treated with mechanical removal. 





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Very sorry for what you're going through.

I would add an airstone if you can.  As with what you said above the concerning thing is the redness on the gill section.

Salt might be a good idea as well.  I think what your doing is correct with the Maracyn / Ich-X

I don't know if the best thing is to see how added aeration helps and monitor for another 24-48 hours.  I definitely wish we had a hotline for issues like this 😞 .  I would scrape the front glass as well, just to make it easier for you to see things when sharing photos.

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Great advice above.

Extra air stone and salt are great suggestions. The only thing I will add is that it looks like Maracyn has been used in the past a few times. A resistance of sorts can be built up, and the same med won't yield the safe effectiveness.

You may be better off with another broad spectrum antibiotic such as Kanaplex.

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