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Apistogramma Macmasteri female cool photos


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I was just looking in one of my tanks admiring the apisto I got for free from my lfs for my birthday back in February! Turned out to be a female so she mainly just has color in her fins but she makes up for it in personality. I’ll post a pic from when I first got her and then photos I just got of her. I’ve never caught her opening her jaw in a photo only video until today it’s awesome to see them do it. Also post some pics of your Apistos I’d love to see them 😍85B1D86A-9B5E-4F27-934B-AA45F4F81CEF.jpeg.f0ca1dcd5bf929c6c1b4ac77da18c793.jpegBBCE9A26-90D1-4E65-8A43-0D9DD2BDAF0E.jpeg.36e720051764fa3c87c112ee2eb4119c.jpegF1C7D85D-A463-4952-996F-0B43FE5A409D.jpeg.26b2b49b7ca5e804f3d4bb907d58065c.jpeg4911BC51-C29A-44CD-B197-9A8E5AC3A42F.jpeg.bd7ad3e81c499b33a0839d7ab812f6ab.jpeg

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