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Content Topics - Plants Edition!

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Hey Everyone,

I was randomly happening upon a plant video and after listening to Cory talk about plants for 10+ minutes I kind of just wanted to share it, but as the conversation continued it popped into mind about a potential video I'd love to see.


Something that I've seen in my own tanks and emailed with ACO and Cory about was trying to save a plant that had melted back so hard that it was just roots.  One of the topics discussed in the video was a crypt that had roots poking through the bottom of the pot and it was mentioned that this is a great thing because if/when it does lose all it's leaves, it's going to have an easier time (or simply a higher chance of success) to grow back and thrive compared to a pot that doesn't. 

There's a LOT of plants I haven't tried. There's a lot of videos that I'd love to see just re-done in some way to help expose newer hobbyists to some of the older video content with better quality equipment and lighting, better technique and knowledge as well definitely helps.

I'd love to see a video of a plant that the ACO receives, just a time lapse or something of showing that plant coming back to life. The signs you're looking for and "How to successfully recover a fully melted plant".  I know because this will take a long time to film it's an extremely high demand type of content to create. Because of that I understand it's very low chance it would happen. 

What are some videos or blog articles that you'd like to see covered specifically when it comes to plants?

Another one.  I'd love to see a tank with plants in the warehouse that is ran with Amanos as the caretaker and then compare that to a tank with snails.  Cory talks about how the snails do so much for the plants and how they care for the plants in ways that is very demanding if an employee was doing that work.  A very interesting thing for me to see the behavioral difference and effectiveness difference.

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I really like the idea of a time lapse showing "recovery" of a crypt or maybe of a deficiency. I love to see more detail on prorogating or how how plants reproduce as well. The general start to finish of a few tanks with a variety of lighting (Finnex, Fluval, other), different water conditions, substrates all having the same plants, but how the outcomes can look so different (still good, just different). I think it would go a long way to demonstrate, just because "John" in Texas can grow pogo doesn't mean "Sally" in New York will have the same outcomes. It would help some new budding aquatic plant keepers confidence. 

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Honestly, more stuff casually just setting up tanks like this are the videos I feel like watching this week.  I've been searching for more....

I'd love to see an update, but I wanted to highlight this video because right at the end there is a time lapse of the tank. 

I hear Dean say he sits on the floor and just admires the tank.  I'd love an update, "fix it" type of maintenance video, or just to see how the tank is doing these days.  How ,uch does your enjoyment of the tank itself push you to care for the tank?

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