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Plant and tanks issues...

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Hi Folks, 

My little shrimp tank is going well aside from 2 issues that I noticed. (1) Some of the plants in the tank a white fuzz on the leaves...  a quick google search indicates it some type of bacterial/fungal infection. But I am not certain. Any thoughts? How to treat? (2) It appears I have detritus worms in the tank. They are unsightly and I would like to get rid of them. Can someone confirm? Are they easy to remove?
Thanks Fam. 





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It’s not unusual to have some biofilm build up in a new tank. It’s usually on wood or hardscape, but the stuff on your plants look similar. In my tanks it’s always gone away with time. 
A far as I know the worms are harmless. I just ignore them. 

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Over time healthy tank begin to team with all sorts of microfauna, detritus worms included. Most microfauna is not noticeable in fish tanks because the fish eat it as a live food treat hat is natural to them in the wild.  Shrimp tanks often become dense in microfauna population because there are no predators to control the population. The worms will help keep the deeper portions of your substrate cleaner. Hope that helps. 

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