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Hey everyone! Looking forward to interacting with everyone!  I have a 40 gallon breeder that I have as my "blackwater" tank with all nano size fish like small tetras and rasboras, a 40 gallon breeder that is a planted community tank, a ryukin goldfish in a 29 gallon that is being upgraded to a 45 gallon as soon as I can pick it up, and a 75 gallon that is currently a dirted community tank, but will be converted for geophagus tapajos once I get up the energy to break it down - wish I never put that dirt in there lol!! I have most of the plants out already and once I move the fish to the 40 breeder community I'll get started.  I'm not exactly rushing lol!  I also have a 20 gallon long with some mutt guppies that I'd like to take down, but the guppies are so pretty lol! I got to the point of being overwhelmed with too many tanks and got rid of a few 5, 10 & 20 gallons to take the stress off.  I find larger tanks much easier to care for. I also converted a 40 breeder to a vivarium for dart frogs although I don't have the frogs yet and I plan on making the 29 gallon into a paludarium once I move the goldfish up to the 45.  That's about it for my little fish room! I've been in and out of the hobby since the 70s, but I consider myself a novice still.  Hope to learn much from all of you!

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