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Hey all! Happy to be here! Love all the information I am getting from the site and youtube! I am a bay area native, living in the San Jose area of California! 

I have 3 tanks right now, with a 4th one that I've been prepping to start soon! I love to focus on live plants and creating a great aquascape. I tried the c02 route once and I wasn't a super fan of it, so I think I'll be doing low tech moving forward, but we'll see! 🙂

Tank 1: Fluval Spec V (modded it by adding a 20" Finnex Planted+) (5 gallons)

  • 6 chilli rasboras, 1 scarlet badis, 2 spiked nerites and a bunch of hitchhiker bladder snails! (I also had 2 micro crabs in there, but, havent seen them since they were added in, woops! haha)


Tank 2: UNS 5N - Shrimp Tank! (4 gallons)

  • 7 red cherry shrimp, 2 nerite snails


Tank 3: UNS 30C - Betta Palace! (7 gallon cube)

  • 1 crowntail betta (will probably get him a snail friend too. He's a shrimp hunter so not sure if he'll like other fish. He used to flare at the nerite snail I had with him in there whenever the snail would be on the front glass, but I love him.)


These are my tanks! I am in the process of setting up a shell dweller tank in the next few weeks. And then have one more project tank, which I am thinking will be a beautiful planted tank with some white clouds (already have some great pieces of driftwood picked out) -- but that will be further down the line 🙂

Hope you are all well!

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On 6/2/2022 at 1:04 PM, FrozenFins said:

I love all these planted setups!

I see you have the ONF planted nano. I was considering getting it for my betta tank but it was a little expensive. Is it worth the price in your opinion?

Hi! Thank you. And I do really like the UNS tanks. The silicone work is really quite nice and barely noticeable. They do the diagonal corner cuts and the glass is super clear. They are a bit cost prohibitive at times though, especially the larger sizes 😄 I like the aesthetics of them, and since they are in my bedroom I want it all to look nice, so I do spend a bit more. After going to the big box stores to see the cheaper Aqueon tanks I couldnt do it, haha. The silicone work was a nightmare! Looked so messy! 

A nice in-between I found that has some nice silicone work would be the Aquarium Masters brand. I bought their 20-gallon long for my shell dweller tank. They only have black rims, so I ended up spray painting the rims to white. They use black silicone to fuze the glass together and they do it fairly clean 🙂 I have a LFS that sells their tanks. (The 20 gal long costed me $85 -- though I'd imagine the nano sizes would be much cheaper. In retrospect, the 19 gallon UNS version rimless tank that has slightly different dimensions is $154.99)

On 6/2/2022 at 1:14 PM, Patrick_G said:

Nice looking tanks! You have a good touch, keep it up. 

Thank you! I am learning as I go 😄 Also, really love the photo of your tank! One day I'll do a larger planted one! 

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