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Amazon Puffer white fuzz spots


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My boyfriend heard me talk about how bad i wanted some amazon puffers so he went to the co op and got me 2 (even tho i told him they need to be in groups of 6 or alone) And then he went and got 2 more the week after. Within a few days, the first two started to get spots on them, then the other 2 did as well. I’ve been fighting epistylis in 2 other tanks so i thought it was that, but one fay it randomly exploded and turned into something i never had seen before (last pic with the longer white spots). It’s been breaking my heart and i’ve been losing sleep trying to help them but with me not knowing what it is, it makes it hard to find a proper treatment. I tried a kanaplex/focus food mix but they wouldn’t eat, im going to try again with that. I also have been doing 100% water changes daily while they are in a bath that has methelyn blue and sometimes salt added. I’ve noticed they’re slightly more active? But they don’t look better at all. Im losing hope, it’s overwhelming trying to research answers. Their temp has stayed on the colder side toward 65 degrees because i know heat makes epistylis worse.


I just want to help them, so i can stop losing sleep and hopefully see these little things thrive happily 😔 


Since i’ve been doing 100% changes daily im not sure how important my parameters are but ill provide that anyways. 


Temp: 65 

Ph- 6.0 (??? not sure if i did the drops correctly..)

Ammonia- 0ppm

Nitrite- 0ppm

Nitrate- 0ppm

3.5gal hospital tank 

small coarse aquarium co op sponge filter

additional small sponge filter.

I have a plethora of medications so i can start almost anything asap, and i’m willing to take any steps no matter how tedious or strenuous! Please help!551ECE02-CB97-4E1B-804C-AABB54B7B1B9.jpeg.6c82206467338d51cd0c966a947c7bc3.jpegFCDD1C3A-F98D-40E6-BACE-C1F905FA0364.jpeg.96d461f9e60b466502bceb14b82c25bf.jpeg

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You can get longer white spots with Epistylis he a picture of a puffer with advanced Epistylis if they aren't eating the medicated food what I would do is dose the tank with kanaplex  and salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons  as Epistylis feeds of the gram negative bacterial on the skin of your fish  845430991_Screenshot_20220529-1315092.png.761ed7565ac13d96bc8c5268a9172603.png

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