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Plant successes


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Just wanted to share some plants that I'm super proud that are doing well. I got 3 plants getting ready to flower and successfully attached moss to twigs to make a tree. Super stoked about the lotus flower bud.


For the tree I'm gonna include a before and after pic.






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4 minutes ago, Irene said:

That's awesome! What's your secret to flowering?

I've backed off from constant maintenance, fertilize once a week, ensure there's decent root tabs, and increased my fish feedings from one modest serving to two generous feedings per day (skipping sundays for fasting).


The lotus i let it go ham and cover the vast majority of the tank until i figured that my tank was a little too dark and then i trimmed a bunch of leaves. I left about 5 huge leaves to stay at the top and 2 weeks later i noticed the bud. And it's growing tall FAST.(Trimmings seen here )


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