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Help, I've got moldy guppies


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Nitrate- 50

Nitrite- 0

Amonia- 0

Hardness- 300+

Buffer- 0

Ph- lower than 6.4

Temp- 75ish but I unplugged the heater to slow down the disease.

I've got a tank where I put my plant clippings to grow an there's gobs of guppy fry. I've been occasionally seeing these mouldy guppies and throwing them out from time to time. Always very pregnant females. Just noticed the first moldy fry though, so I should probably take care of it... 

It looks like they're moldy. Always on their sides/back. Almost always on their left side, weirdly. White, definitely looks fluffy.

I added a Tbsp of salt/gallon. Lowered the temperature, and added a dose of Artemis Micro Lift. I'll buy some Maracyn tomorrow.

What do you think this is? do you guys like for treatment? 

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It could be fungus or columnaris....both of which can be the symptom, and not necessarily the cause of the problem. With a KH of 0, and PH Below 6.4, I think it may be difficult for guppies to thrive. The KH of zero can cause a rapid PH crash, causing the issues.

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By stuff, I would recommend some crush'd coral, both in the substrate, and filter, if possible. It's more natural with less potential for error than the baking soda/"PH up" methods.

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