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Guppies in with Kissing Gouramis??


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Hey all!

In an attempt to not have to kill my guppies myself, we took a group of very small adults and very small juveniles over to a friend's 100 gallon tank who has two very large Kissing Gouramis, 2 Silver Dollars (often called plant piranhas, but we hoped for some carnivorous interest), and some very large ottocinclus catfish. We were hoping that the Kissing Gouramis would just get a snack from our little guppies, but alas, they have not eaten what looks like a single one. The guppies very obviously fit in the Gouramis' mouths, so we're confused. One of them is particularly vicious, so why aren't they eating these guppies?

Now, it has just become a grand experiment to see these guppies loosely schooling and hanging out--a very pretty sight, but I was so sure! Any thoughts?

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Sometimes nature finds a way! Some people on the forum have moved their guppy "culls" into turtle tanks or other spaces where they clearly should have been eaten, but the little buggers somehow wind up colonizing. If there are a ton of hiding spaces that would increase survival rates.

Do you have a LFS that might take your unwanted guppies? They might not offer anything for feeders but it would accomplish similar to what you're angling at here.

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