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Crypt Leaves

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How long have they been in the tank? Those look like typical submerged leaves, so I assume a while, but figured I'd ask. Crypts are notorious for melting with changes to the system; has anything changed recently?

That hole kinda looks like it's been actively damaged, which is to say something external has damaged it. It's hard to tell from that picture. What animals are in there with it?

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I thought that it might've been the work of my single clown pleco as I've seen him (or her) eating the algea off the plants before, but that was about two months ago when I first added him and only until the plants were clean. I also have a tone of eat snails , these are always on the Val. but it's perfect. There are also Cory's, rummy nose and angels.

They've been in there for say 4-5 months. And someone switch off the heater on Sunday, so the tank was 5 degrees Celsius colder for about 10 hours. Nothing else has changed.

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Could be under feeding the tank, when I do this in mine I start getting characteristic round rings on leaves in my AR (from my Anglefish). If it were me, I'd root tab the Crypt to help it recover & drop some bottom feeder type food for the loach; then wait and see if that helps.  Community plus or crab cuisine are favorites for my bottom feeders/foragers

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