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  1. Beautiful. Im in South Africa it's 21:00 but feels like 11:00. The summer's here are great, a bit too hot during the day (we drink water) but priceless at night...
  2. Yes. There's also a lot more of that supstrate we can't see. Ive never kept them before but would Geophagus help oxegenate the substate?
  3. Thanks for the reply, the stripe of dark substate is band new Flourite, that's fine. I had a small layer (2cm) of pool filter sand, added a layer of Flourite and a top layer of pool filter sand. The original layer of pool filter is what is rotting. There's a small circle on the pricture and I thing there's more I just can't see. Thanks for the above post, I did not know of hydrogen sulfide, I'd love more information. If I have to remove the old first layer, do you think I could do it in to months? I'll remove and save the new top layer of pool filter. Remove and save what I can of the middle, new Flourite and throw out the first old layer. I need two months to save for another 8kgs of Flourite. It's so expensive in South Africa.
  4. Hello everyone. I added new substate on top of my old substate about two weeks ago and the old one, that I can see, looks like it's rotting. The little spot in the picture looks like some mould. What should I do?
  5. I don't think he's hungry, he eats cucumber, bloodworms and wood every day. I'll keep a closer eye.
  6. I thought that it might've been the work of my single clown pleco as I've seen him (or her) eating the algea off the plants before, but that was about two months ago when I first added him and only until the plants were clean. I also have a tone of eat snails , these are always on the Val. but it's perfect. There are also Cory's, rummy nose and angels. They've been in there for say 4-5 months. And someone switch off the heater on Sunday, so the tank was 5 degrees Celsius colder for about 10 hours. Nothing else has changed.
  7. Hi all. My crypts seem to be getting 'weak', this is the second leave from this plant thats got a hole in it. The first leave died off after it had a similar hole. What can I do?
  8. @Beardedbillygoat1975 there's a LPS selling flame tetras a dollar each, would you recommend them from my tank and if so, how many?
  9. Yeah, there's quite a lot of gunk. I could also just add the new sand and use seachems stability to cycle the tank with fish in?
  10. Hi everyone. I have a 4ft aquarium with 5 angelfish, now 1 rummy nose tetra, 4 corydoras a lot of snails and a clow pleco I added two days ago. Its been running for 2 years at my old apartment and almost 4 months at my new one. I bought 4 rummynose and about a month in I woke up to 3. I assumed that the 1 jumped out of the tank during the night and the dog got to it before we woke up as I couldnt find it anywhere. The angelfish couldnt have eaten it. 2 weeks ago I woke up to one more dead in the tank, the angelfish had sanctioned out a part of the tank protecting their hatched wigglers but I woke up to no wigglers and the dead rummynose. I assumed that he tried to eat the wigglers and the two big angelfish fought him. Today I woke up to another dead rummynose, the only change to the tank is the new clown pleco and I forgot to feed last night. I feed twice a day and sometimes visit my mother for the weekend and dont feed at all. I notice that when the lights go on the red is dulled on their nose, is this a sign that they get stressed during the night? Also am I right about the first 2 and what could've killed the third one? Temperature: 27°C) Ammonia: 0 ppm. Nitrite: 0 ppm. Nitrate: 19 ppm. pH: 7
  11. Hi everyone. I have a 4ft aquarium with 5 angelfish, 4 rummy nose tetras, 4 corydoras and a lot of snails. Its been running for 2 years at my old apartment and almost 4 months at my new one, when moving I almost did not disturb the 4mm (4cm tall) substrate. The substrate has become really really dirty, beyond the point of gravel vaccuming because I never vacuum it. I want to start over so I'm thinking about adding pool filter sand over the current substrate. Is this a good idea? And what will it mean for the bactaria in the old substrate. Are there any consequences to adding new substrate to a "established tank"? The are some plants in the tank (10 vallisneria spiralis and 2 crypts, one just starting to show) and two sponge filters.
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