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Potassium & Iron Levels

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On 4/13/2022 at 7:26 PM, Mmiller2001 said:

Thank you Mmiller! I'm ORD, and this is a very helpful link. Especially this part: "The tank below is grown using the ADA approach (APT Zero). EI users will be surprised how well plants grow on a leaner nutrient cycle. Lower plant mass scapes such as Iwagumis or nature style scapes with many slow growers such as Anubias and Java ferns are especially suited to this style of dosing. Slower growth and lower maintenance means that it is easier for many aquarists to achieve tank stability, which makes this one of the most popular commercial methods to easily achieve success." 

My health makes EI too labor intensive to maintain when I have a flare, and between you and Roy I am finally understanding where mineral deficiencies have created most of my problems, especially wiht how hard my water is interfering with uptake. THANK YOU!!!!

That explains the formula you have tried to explain so many times to me, yet his explanation of ppm = mg/L was exactly what my health care worker brain needed. Minerals are medicine for the plants, and now I understand how to dose the medicine. (Yeah, my brain can be a bit slow sometimes, lol)

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