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What kind of discus??


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I’ve had this discus (darker3F7775C5-AE3E-479C-A12F-70575DE55DA3.jpeg.14b218a61ea0819f1d2510b2db37f329.jpeg one to the left) for about 5 months, I have 10 others and few few breeding pairs, and he is currently paired with an orange checkerboard…. But he is the only one I don’t know the morph/name of, does anyone have any idea, I was thinking he was a wild type, maybe a Brown Batata Discus but I honestly have no clue, any other ideas? It would be great for some other opinions 

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There’s a list here. I rotated your photo…


In my opinion, this fish is just a wild type color morph. Note the red on dorsal. Maybe a wild crossed with a captive strain. I’ll have look up what Axelrod called them. Note that the eyes seem to be brown rather than red.

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