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How to siphon ?

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you can see when i siphon some water comes out .... then i put water in the tank .....means kinda daily water changes siphon twice a day and put water in the evening...Do so we have to put water after siphoning because water level decreses .....I have doubt does it affects the water quality or fish health.....Like i have not put water from some days so i am going to put it this evening to increse water level...


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I'm not really sure what you're trying to say. When you do a water change, you siphon water off and then you are supposed to replace the water with new dechlorinated water. The water level in your tank should always be full. You also should not need to siphon water twice daily. If doing daily water changes, do 20% water changes, meaning you take 20% of the water out of the tank and replace it with new, dechlorinated water. The less water in your tank, the higher concentration of ammonia that is going to be in your (assuming from your last post) uncycled tank. This is why you always need to replace the water you siphon off.

I'd like to add, you may want to add a filter sponge to the intake of your power head to give the beneficial bacteria somewhere to reside.

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