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Entry #1 - 29 Gallon Setup

Katie B.

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(1)   Purchased supplies (with links)

        *** I used money from our tax return to fund my new obsession 😁

(2)   Preparing Plants

  • I first drained the liquid from the eco-complete substrate, then poured both bags into the tank, and smoothed it out with my aquarium shovel.
  • I drained the activ-flora substrate and then, a few cups at a time, I rinsed the rocks off in water and placed over the previously laid substrate.
  • I originally placed the sponge filter and heater in the left corner of the tank but wound up moving them to almost the center (I will explain  why later on)
  • Because I have not yet purchased the handy python syphon I had to carry buckets of water from the kitchen which I poured into a strainer over the tank. 
  • I de-chlorinated the water and then began planting using my tweezers.

                     1 loose of anubias nana thick leaf

                     1 loose of anubias barteri Round

                     1 bundle of Hygrophila Corymbosa

                     1 loose of anubias species Golden

                     1 loose of Anubias coffefolia

                     1 cup of Red Root Floater

                     1 Potted of Cryptocoryne Usteriana Red

                     1 Bundle of Ammania Gracilis

                     1 Loose of Nymphaea Rubra Bulb

                     1 Bundle of Lagenandra Meeboldii Red Round

                     1 Bundle of Echinodorus Red Rubin 

                     1 Bundle of Ludwigia Ovalis 

                     1 Bundle of Echinodorus Hadi Red Pearl 

  • The problem for me was that the only plants labeled were the red root floaters 😐 I had it figured out which plants would go where due to height and lighting needs but I felt thwarted without the labels. So, I just started planting blindly, inserted root tabs, and fertilized the tank.
  • After a few days, I decided to trip away some of the old stems so the plant would focus on the new and I had three of the plants melt on me.


(3)   Preparing Hardscape

  • I scrubbed the rocks with a bristle dish brush and rinsed them (it was recommended not to boil them as rocks tend to explode 😳)
  • I then (to my husband's horror) took one of our stock pots and boiled the driftwood for 3 hours (turning it over halfway since it was to large to fully fit)
  • Afterwards I placed the driftwood in a clear bucket, so I could watch the color of the water turn and know when I felt it was acceptable to place in my tank) and left it there for a week before taking it out to boil it again. I did this to try to speed up the tannin release process. 

       *** It still has not sunk on its own; therefore, I am probably going to resort to securing it to a rock.

  • The rocks are in place and holding down the 3 anubi that did not melt.


 (4)   Minor Adjustments

  • I am re-positioning the heater horizontally in hopes that it better disperses the heat since I will be housing tropical fish. I want to purchase another heater since having two causes less stress on them and provides some security if one were to go out.
  • I re-positioned the sponge filter to be more central since I found the other side of the tank to be stagnate with it only on the left side. I wish to purchase aquarium co-op's air pump since I think it will do a better job than this one is. 
  • Right now my light is set to 50% intensity for 3 hours with a 2 hour break and then set for another 3 hours. I will increase both the time and intensity as the weeks go on.
  • I am looking at placing my one fish, Ruby the betta, in the tank this week and then purchasing one set of the following species below this weekend to get started on my community tank! 😃

                     3 oto catfish

                     6 albino corydoras

                     6 rummynose tetras

                     1 mystery snail


*** Ruby in his current 5-gallon non-planted tank

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