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Joel Steen

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My eyes are not spectacular.  What plants are they?  If they are rhizome or bulbs they will not do well with the bulb or rhizome planted/covered. Examples of rhizome anubias, Java fern, Asian fern.  Examples of bulbs tiger lotus, lily, aponogeton.  Also banana plants. I think they are tubers of some sort. I was sent a free one with a plant order. It sort of lives in a constant state of near death for me 😑

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How new are they? The first one looks like the plant is melting back and converting to its submerged form. As long as the root system is healthy it should bounce back. When I buy plants I tend to think of myself as buying the root system rather than the current foliage.

I'm not 100% sure on what the plant in the first photo is but if it's an Ozelot sword (or any Echinodorus really) make sure that you haven't buried the rosette as that tends to be where new growth comes from. Swords are heavy root feeders and really appreciate being supplemented with root tabs. You can DIY them or buy them commercially but the key is to make sure that there are nutrients in the substrate for your root feeders since they can't really make the most of the nutrients in the water column.

Your second photo looks like a dwarf lily bulb which is (again) a heavy root feeder. If you're using an inert substrate (which gravel generally is) you'll likely need to supplement the bulb with root tabs as only the plantlets feed effectively from the water column. If the tank isn't particularly seasoned (or you gravel vac religiously) and you're using an inert substrate it can be difficult for root feeders to take a hold in your tank unless you give them a targeted boost. The ACO blog has more information than I've given and I recommend giving it a look. I'm not completely confident on my ID in the first photo but the second plant is definitely a root feeder.

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