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fancy gold fish patches

the other Irene

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Does anyone know what these patches are on my goldfish.  He is eating well and acting normal.  I 1st thought it was an abrasion, but I just noticed another patch near his tail fin.


nitrate 25

nitrite 0

gh 300

kh 40

ph 6.8

chlorine 0






oh, and the other fish are fine.

I only have fancy gold fish, reticulated hillstream loaches and snails in this tank.



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@the other Irene It looks like a bacterial infection.  Sometimes it is hard to tell by a picture, but if it looks "fuzzy" that could mean it is a fungus / fungal infection.  You have snails and loaches, so you have to be careful with salt and medicines and find something that is compatible with all your tankmates.


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